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Our Society and its Definition

The legal fiction, the human being, the person also the straw man - what are the differences if any? Furthermore, we all live in a 'Society' don't we? So, what exactly are societies? For example, are you a member or did you sign up to one?
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Re: Our Society and its Definition

Post by Milkman » Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:35 pm

Mike wrote:We are policed by consent but try telling that to the boys in blue :?
You can tell them!
The police can only do three things - arrest, caution and charge you.
You do not have to talk to them, they tell you that when they caution you.
If you talk to them you will hang yourself!
Remember, guilt and innocence are only decided by a court.

The police are public servants who are given powers to see that you get to court should you do anything they consider is wrong or if you break a piece of government legislation.
Basically, the servants can snitch on you and that's it!

Imagine the olden days when people had servants, did they have this power?
They didn't, so although they are still your servants, they can and will try and rise above you in order to get a feather in their cap.

They don't like being told they are public servants but that's all they are.
They work for a company which is registered as such.
So they are only trying to enforce company policy.

We all know that the police should be out there catching criminals who are breaking the common law.
They shouldn't be stopping you for not wearing your seal belt for example.
That is a legislated rule of our "society".

When they do stop you for the silly little things and you say shouldn't you be out there catching criminals they try to make you look like a criminal.

You will be a criminal if you allow them to overcome you and you consent to their stupid company policies.
Most of these constables who swore an oath to uphold the common law will try and get you to pay up in some way while getting commendation from their bosses.
They are no longer the policemen we understand them to be, they are policy men who are just carrying out company policy.

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