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Anna Soubry Cries After Being Called A Nazi

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Almost Free
Almost Free
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Anna Soubry Cries After Being Called A Nazi

Post by Zero » Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:19 pm

Anna Soubry Cries After Being Called A Nazi

Poor Anna Sourby cries while being interviewed on television because a group of protesters called her a fascist and a Nazi.
Anyone who has ever been involved in politics at any time will know that these people have funded far left activist thugs to do the same with anyone who dares to exercise freedom of speech.
Looks like she might just put a stop to this sort of thing all because she was on the receiving end.
The Anti-Nazi League have been violent on our streets for decades with many being arrested for their violence but their chants of Nazi Scum Off Our Streets should stop now as it will 'hurt' somebody's feelings.
And the other ones - those Antifa who do the same will have to go as well because they do this with their faces covered, they are even worse.
Anna Soubry is such a big softy and I hope she gets her way because all those anti-Nazi placards will have to go too.
Good old Soubry thanks for helping to rid our streets from the REAL VIOLENT Nazis and fascists.
If you stop the far right from freedom of speech you have to stop the far left, what applies to one applies to the other.

By the way Mrs Soubry the definition of a Nazi and Fascist is someone who does not allow democracy to take place - are you still trying to overturn a democratic referendum?
Brexit means Brexit!

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Re: Anna Soubry Cries After Being Called A Nazi

Post by Wax » Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:27 pm

She got her way and a man has been arrested.
Anna Soubry thinks she can allow the police to stop the public protesting.
Of course the muppet police are only 'doing their job'.
But so did the Nazi's just 'do their job' and remember what happened to all them at the Nuremberg Trials - all hung just for 'doing the job for a fascist'.
This will set a precedent.
No longer will these people, who think they are above the law, be able to fund their left-wing scummy mates to protest in this way, especially when the right-wingers are on the streets.
What applies to one MUST apply to the other.
Hats off to Anna Soubry, at least we will be free from left-wing shit heads should she succeed.
If there was any proof that the government, no matter what political party they represent, insist on imposing their will on the British public, this is it.
They obviously don't want to be challenged and that is the same as a dictatorship.
FFS we put them there to work for US, they are only PUBLIC SERVANTS.
Time to stop voting Liberal, Labour or Conservative - it is just a Lib-Lab-CON
Wake up Britain!

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Almost Free
Almost Free
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Re: Anna Soubry Cries After Being Called A Nazi

Post by Milkman » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:57 am

Anna Soubry is not helping things by ignoring democracy.
The vote was for the UK to leave, no deals - nothing.
For those muppets who are only public servants to overturn the will of the people then there are names for this - fascism and Nazism.
Therefore the protesters are correct.

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Freeman John
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Re: Anna Soubry Cries After Being Called A Nazi

Post by Freeman John » Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:54 am

These people are complete hypocrites.

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