Bailiffs and Collection Agents - What Exactly Are The Differences?

Most, bailiffs are indeed just morons and thugs. Obviously, never answer the door to these violent, abusive cretins. Debt collectors are nothing but idiots who use threats and intimidation tactics. But how else do you deal with them?
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Bailiffs and Collection Agents - What Exactly Are The Differences?

Post by Zero »

Bailiffs and Collection Agents - What Exactly Are The Differences?

It would be good for someone to explain the different sort of bailiffs that exist.
There is a difference between bailiffs and collection agents and it would also be nice for someone to differentiate on these.
From what I understand there are bailiffs from different courts and some have a lot of "authority" to enter your home immediately while some have no "power" whatsoever.
Collection agencies have no authority to enter your home at all unless they go to court. This, I can understand, but then the bailiffs kick in should they get success at court and this is where the confusion would kick in.
I personally don't allow anyone in my home and have my own technique to stop them.
If anyone would like to share their experiences and or let us know the differences between these demanding people I would be grateful.

Someone here on this video seems to have his own way of dealing with bailiffs :lol:
Is this method recommended?

Fist time they called:

Second time they called:

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Re: Bailiffs and Collection Agents - What Exactly Are The Differences?

Post by Jester »

Sorry, I can't help with the differences between the different bailiffs etc but I do know they think they are above the law which of course they are not!

I do know that a bailiff is nothing more than a bully and a thug and what do you do with a bully and a thug?
You never open the door to them.
If you must speak to the bailiffs then do so from an upstairs window if possible.
They are not allowed to force their way into your property and if they do then ask them to leave and they must.
Always video record these people as with all other trespassers.
Don't be intimidated if they turn up with the police because most business with bailiffs will be civil and the police will only attend to keep the peace.
The police will act for you and get rid of the bailiffs if you ask them - the police are not there in support of the bullying bailiffs.
Here is a video which shows a human being dealing with some bailiffs who are as close to a bully as you can get.
The matter of eviction is a civil one where the police cannot get involved except for breaches of the peace.
The police come and indeed get rid of the bullyboys - the bailiffs.
If you do not get inspiration from this video then you should give in and roll over and be a slave to these people.

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Re: Bailiffs and Collection Agents - What Exactly Are The Differences?

Post by Freeman Bob »

Bailiffs are nothing but morons and thugs.
Don't open the doors to them because you do not have to.

Collection agencies are people who think you owe them some money and go around intimidating people.

If you have agreed to pay, then pay!

Just be honourable in all of your actions.
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Re: Bailiffs and Collection Agents - What Exactly Are The Differences?

Post by Tanner »

Here is another point.
Bailiffs are just public servants.
From a window they can't reach tell them they are sacked.
If the police are with them, they are only there to prevent a breach of the peace.
Tell the police that they must get rid of the bailiff from your property as he is breaching your peace otherwise they will be aiding and abetting the bailiff.
If the bailiff has a warrant tell them its unlawful without the judge who signed it has proved he was acting under his oath of office.
As I understand it only bailiffs from the high court are the only ones who can come with a locksmith and break in your home - the rest can't.

As for debt collectors - that's all they are!
They are only there to try and get money out of you.
Tell them to put their concerns in writing and send it to you.
Then tell them to leave the property.
Oh and don't forget, debt collectors will not be the ones you might owe money.
Tell them that at all times you will only ever communicate to the organ grinder and not the monkey.
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Re: Bailiffs and Collection Agents - What Exactly Are The Differences?

Post by alex.mercado »

Base on bailiffs must not enter your home without notice of enforcement and debt collectors will visit you at your home and require for collection of your debt immediately.
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