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Are you lawful, legal or both?

Indeed, lawful and legal are like chalk and cheese. In other words, they are total opposites to each other. In fact, legalese is a massive part of the Grand Deception. However, live under common law and gain a little more freedom.
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Top Cat
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Not Shackled
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Re: Are you lawful, legal or both?

Post by Top Cat » Fri Nov 13, 2015 4:42 pm

I am lawful if I am being honest.
I am also legal on some occasions.
The problem I have with the legal crap is that you mostly would be better off getting all your business sorted with a solicitor.
I wouldn't have a problem with that but with the minimum charge at £200.00 per hour I find that a rip off.
They wanted to charge me £90.00 just to send a letter for me.
I know others who have paid thousands of pounds to sort some problems out and never actually got satisfaction.
The legal business may be necessary on occasions but you will need money and a lot of it to sort some matters out.
I believe things like wearing a crash helmet while riding a motor cycle is a legal requirement.
There are many other instances like this where your everyday life is governed by "legal requirements" but I am talking of business with solicitors and paperwork like wills and deeds etc.
I have noticed a reduction in the amount of solicitors offices where I live and wondered if that was down to the government scrapping legal aid.
There's another rotten thing.
They have tricked us into believing that legal is the law and now by scrapping legal aid they are making us pay for these "necessary" services.
Bollox to solicitors.
Only use them when absolutely necessary but with the internet nowadays you can sort a lot of problems online.
There is a lot of "legal" information out there and its free.
However, if you think free 24/7 and stay lawful then you may never need the services of a solicitor.

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Re: Are you lawful, legal or both?

Post by Rodders » Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:49 pm

I am a freeman on the land and as such I get along with people. I do not interfere with their lives in any way unless they request some help and I can give it. Bugger all those stupid regulations (what the ignorant call the law :lol: )that say you must do this and you must not do that. I am free to get on with my own life without anyone telling me what to do.

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Re: Are you lawful, legal or both?

Post by Crab » Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:13 pm

I am both :mrgreen:

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Re: Are you lawful, legal or both?

Post by Zombie » Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:39 am

I can be both legal and lawful too.
I can do this when I like because I am free to choose - simple!

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