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Court Extraordinaire – Karl Lentz

Karl Lentz is a knowledgeable Canadian who is also a successful practising freeman. In effect, his experience with the courts is invaluable. When Karl goes into a court he goes as a man. By the same token, he has his own court and meets with the court – not ‘in’ their court. Consequently, Karl offers information about Common Law and how he has dealt with certain cases in a court.

Your Court Case Will Be Unique

In brief, as with all other information and advice out there, it is up to you to take what you need from it. Obviously, only you will know what your case involves and the legal implications. All in all, only you will be able to decide what is right for you.
Karl Lentz - Canadian Freeman on the land - court system wizard
Karl Lentz’ methods have worked for him and others too. However, in your case you will need to do your own homework and study accordingly.

Karl Lentz - child court system wizard

Of course, it is very important to remember that the courts are there to make it hard for you. After all, they are only a money-making corporation that works against you. To begin with, they speak legalese, which is a different language completely. As a result, they play their games in court and you have to beat them at it. Take what you need from Karl Lentz and others, but above all, you need to do what is right for you. So, it pays to do plenty of homework.

Brian Gerrish with Karl Lentz and an explanation how the courts work against you instead of for you.

Brief interview with Karl Lentz about Common Law and also being a sovereign.

Karl Lentz’ youtube channel is here.

Many of his radio broadcasts have been uploaded to YouTube and are also available here or as a downloadable pod-cast on Talk Shoe.

For more information about Karl Lentz you could also try visiting his websites:
UnKommonLaw – UK website
UnKommonLaw – USA website

Karl Lentz – Wealth Of Experience

By and large, Karl has experience with court cases involving children and possessions and he shares his knowledge with us. He also gives us much information about the Queen’s Bench, Common Law and how to become a sovereign again. With this in mind, The Freeman Movement applaud him. Obviously, he takes his rightful place as an influential person within the Freeman Movement.


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