Rob Menard

Rob Menard is a Canadian truth seeker. However, the Freeman Movement is universal as a rule, and is not governed by borders. With this in mind, Rob’s observations, explanations and opinions are worth taking note of and he clearly gets the message over. He is the director of the World Freemen Society and also one of the founders of Freeman on the Land (FMOTL).

Rob Menard Has Had His Critics

In brief, Rob Menard has had his fair share of critics over the years, some good, some bad. As a rule, people should view Rob as an equal and listen to his views before making judgements. Nevertheless, any person who teaches others to become free from enslavement is a friend of our movement. Rob, like others in our movement, should not be used as the sole source when it comes to legal matters. For one thing, your own issues will be unique and you will need to do your own research.
Rob Menard - Canadian truth seeker - lawful rebellion - influential people

Rob Menard’s experience can’t be overlooked

Robert Menard’s Videos

In this video, Rob Menard is interviewed on television where he also explains the ideas behind Freeman-on-the-Land.

The Grand Deception – Rob Menard.

Rob is also a poet and comedian.

CBC National investigates.


All in all, The Freeman Movement admires people who question authority and Rob does just that. Correspondingly, Rob Menard is inspirational and has made his mark within the Freeman Movement. Rob has a wealth of experience and is only too willing to share this with us. Indeed, you may find some of his work useful to yourself. But, please remember that your issues will be unique to you.

Study Rob Menard and take what you need from him, but please study others too. If you wish to win the tyrants at their own game, you need to also arm yourself with knowledge. So it makes sense to learn as much as you can.

Study Rob Menard Further

Robert Arthur Menard also has his own youtube channel.
Rob’s Facebook fan page
Rob’s Twitter feed is here.


Share your thoughts about Robert Menard here by registering and also making a comment or two. If you know of anyone else who deserves credit for their contribution to Lawful Rebellion etc., then contact us with detailed information. Finally, please consider joining the Freedom Forum and have your say. Obviously the forums have sections for Lawful Rebellion and Freeman-on-the-Land issues. In effect, by sharing your experiences you are helping others to open their eyes too.

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